Greetings Restaurant Owners and Managers..

…you could be one of your clients and friends arriving on this page from your website or weekly email.. Leverage marketing will make sure it is a positive and up to date experience, totally coherent with your website and current business plans

– this page could talk about weekly specials on your menu …or monthly deals you have on that special brand of imported Prosecco. Leverage marketing would work with you each week approving emails and content for this page.

– this page may offer some insight into the health benefits of some of your menu’s secret ingredients, for example you could share an article on Olive Oil, it’s benefits and where it comes from. You could make this a monthly attraction ..let us look after this for you and send you ideas, each month.

– this could be an opportunity to share a recipe for a menu suggestion

…it is all up to you…but we can make it interesting, fresh, relevant and clear… your email listings will love to visit your Blog

add a photo, map  or a contact link for added interaction and comments..


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